mycro3D High-resolution 3D printing

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High-resolution 3D printing without the expensive upfront cost

mycro3D enables micro- and nanoscale 3D printing in an affordable and more accessible way than ever seen. We are democratizing micro fabrication and reducing the barriers to entry. Our innovative service solution enables state-of-the-art 3D printing without having to spend big on equipment and lab facilities.

High precision photopolymerization printing as a service

Due to our compact optics and complex design, we can achieve sub-micron resolution on cm-volume structures while keeping the prints affordable and fast. With smart software and versatile options, our technology is capable of printing at maximum resolution in almost any UV-resin on the market. Enjoy the power of state-of-the-art nanotechnology on demand.

What makes us unique

mycro3D is built with revolutionary 3D printing technology, designed with decades of know-how in microcontrollers and nano-scale electronics.

Compact technology

Most optics are big and clunky, We have compressed our optics to the same scale of a car-key. This enables smooth movement, stitchless printing, and reliable results.

No lab or trained personnel

Keep your time and focus on your field of work and let us take care of the fabrication of your great ideas to move your work forward.

Multi-material and versatile printing

Multi-material printing on already fabricated structures. All possible with changeable vats and a large material catalogue.

Print as a Service

Make complex structures at a fraction of the cost. Allow us to help you realize your innovative ideas without having to pay the full cost of a high-end system.

Be a part of our journey

As a team of scientists and engineers, we know the struggles and limitations of fitting research and production around available technology. Therefore, we believe in strong communication and transparency about our technology to ensure maximum satisfaction. mycro3D’s success is only as great as the ideas and inventions done by our users and partners. Our open-frame approach means that your ideas and materials can easily be implemented into a solution fitting your needs and we would love to engage in new projects and move forward with you.

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